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We believe our primary obligation to each project (Owner) is fulfilled by constructing a high quality home that is within all budget constraints and completed on schedule in a pleasurable environment and fun atmosphere. All Highline projects are directly managed by the Principals from pre-construction through move-in, our involvement and passion is completely turn-key.

Project Pre-construction
Highline Partners prefers involvement throughout the design process as an assurance that the final design and project budget parallel, that constructability concepts and drawings are realistic and that overall project intent is preserved. This process reduces post design “value engineering” ensuring that design and constructability have been carefully considered and implemented into the Construction Documents.

Design Build
The sequential order of the construction process and design details being released concurrently, is what we consider design build. Many projects begin with a set of partially complete Construction Documents (CD’s) and as the excavation and foundation scopes are completed the CD’s are released. We are forthright and realistic about project costs and schedules and we also understand that things can change. At Highline, we do not look at change orders as a profit center but facilitate them to accommodate our client’s needs and the evolution of the project. We further facilitate the design build process by supplying material mock ups, samples and creative ideas throughout the full spectrum of the building process.

Project Budget and Cost Control
At Highline, we ensure budget management by creating a realistic budget at the beginning of the project for each scope of work to be completed. We utilize our longstanding subcontractor relationships and a competitive bidding process for the majority of project scopes and then leverage these relationships to get our clients the best pricing for the best products and services. Budgets are managed daily, weekly or monthly depending on phase of construction by Highline Partners principals with direct participation from our CFO.

Project Scheduling
Managing project schedules begins with our ability to retain subcontractors and crews to perform work in a timely and often very sequential nature. As managers we employ Microsoft Project and a “Just- In-Time” theory to deliver materials and resources to the site as needed to prevent damage and organizational conflicts. Often concurrent workloads are being prepared and prefabricated offsite in a controlled environment which is paramount to a targeted delivery in this climate. The schedules are reviewed and updated at least monthly, often weekly, to ensure that project timeliness, upcoming milestones and deadlines are being met.

Post Construction Services
As Highline completes a home, we digitally archive all pertinent information. This information is organized in a sophisticated but easy to use spreadsheet and given to the owner, property manager or others as a complete database for the home. The spreadsheet is divided by room and has all pertinent info and digital imagery for ease of use and information retention with hyperlinks to websites and manuals for equipment, fixtures, fittings etc.