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our sustainability

Sustainability, in Highline Partners view, is not just “green building” but an overall philosophy in resource management, energy efficiency and diligence. As a team, we are dedicated to further evolving the local building industry to develop and foster more sustainable building processes and tactics. We are often searching for new technologies or products that could be utilized in our regional market; improving quality, client investment and the overall building experience.

o Highline Partners built the first LEED Platinum home in Southwest Montana in Big Sky at the Yellowstone Club in 2010.
o 2010 Mountain Living Responsible Development Award for Headwaters Camp Project
o Highline Partners completed a LEED Gold rated home in 2011.
o Big Sky Green Business of the Year 2009
o Highline Partners has completed multiple geothermal retrofits and has integrated geothermal into the majority of our projects.
o Highline Partners has utilized both fixed and tracking solar arrays to offset electrical usage.

Based on tracking past projects, the upfront cost increase of 1-3% can lead to 50-65% lower operating costs. Many of our geothermal projects have ROI’s in the 4-6 year range creating incredibly reliable and implementable heating and cooling systems with sustainability and cost benefits as well.